September 13, 2017


Tim Shelton is the current Anderson County Register of Deeds. He was elected to office in August of 2002 after serving previously for 10 years as a deputy register. Tim Shelton is a lifelong resident of Anderson County and currently resides in the city of Clinton with his wife Dara and their two children Adeline and Harrison.

Tim earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Carson-Newman College in December of 1991 and in April of 2005 he earned the designation of Certified Public Administrator through the University of Tennessee. He is a current member of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, the Tennessee Register’s Association, and the County Official’s Association of Tennessee as well as various other civic clubs. Tim was selected by his peers as Tennessee’s Register of the Year in 2005 after serving as President of the Tennessee Register’s Association. He is extremely active in the community by participating and attending in various church and social events, as well as serving on several committees in local government.

Tim is the 30th individual to serve as Anderson County’s Register of Deeds dating back to 1801. Below is a listing of previous Registers and the dates in which they served.

2002-present Tim Shelton
1990-2002 Ricky Meredith
1956-1990 Joel Meredith
1952-1956 Sam Carson
1946-1952 Ben Singleton
1924-1946 J. T. Webb
1920-1924 S. T. Peters
1914-1920 George T. Riggs
1902-1914 W. A. Brown
1894-1902 C. C. Reynolds
1890-1894 Joe B. Worthington
1886-1890 T. J. Scruggs
1884-1886 H. M. Hollingsworth
1878-1884 T. J. Prosise
1874-1878 J. A. Brown
1870-1874 C. W. Cross
1868-1870 John Coward
1867-1868 William D. Keeney
1864-1867 John L. Shipe
1862-1864 George W. Baker
1861-1862 Samuel Worthington
1858-1861 B. W. Cross
1854-1858 R. M. Longmire
1844-1854 John Overton
1836-1844 John Garner
1832-1836 Thomas Hart
1829-1832 William Dickson
1817-1829 Daniel Leib
1806-1817 Arthur Crozier
1801-1806 Kinza Johnson